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As the years pass, all wooden fences and wooden decks lose their color and become a weathered, worn and gray. This occurs mostly because of the power of the sunlight and the accumulation of mildew and mold from rain and moisture in the air that is typical in Cypress and Tomball.

Even if you originally stained or sealed the wooden boards of your deck, time and weather can make it wear down the coating and make it appear that you never stained it and the protection may be gone.

Taking care of your wooden decks and fences is an important part of upkeep on your property.If you want to get your house washed – don’t you also want your fence to look great too?

When we power wash any wooden structures, we use detergents specifically designed to restore wood and only a moderate pressure to remove the algae and mold and the very thin top layer of bad wood fibers.

This improves the aesthetic quality of the structure and prolongs its life – saving you money.  We generally recommend staining fences after they are cleaned so the results last longer and the wood is protected from premature rot.

Preserve wood while cleaning off dead fibers and mildew

Mold, mildew & algae removed

Safe for all varieties of wood

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F.A.Q about Wood Deck & Fence Restoration

The suns U.V. rays erode the outer layer of the wood making it appear gray. The wood is actually starting to decay as it dries out. Wood fences need to be cleaned and treated.

Once clean the wood fence will start to gray again naturally after several months.  We recommend either sealing or staining the fence once cleaned.  If you are listing your home for sale a clean fence adds instant curb appeal.

Yes. As long as the weather is above freezing, the team at Pressure Washing Cypress can get the job done.

Each fence is a little different so we will decide which detergents to use, if any, based on the condition of your fence.

Before you paint or stain your fence, you must soft wash it to remove dirt, mildew and dead wood fibers to ensure the stains adheres to the wood and you get the look you are after.

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