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Safe Roof Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing Cypress offers professional roof cleaning for home owners at an affordable rates.

Our Safe Roof Washing

Our Safe Soft Washing Will Restore Your Roof, Not Damage It!

Our team of soft power house wash technicians will clean your House’ roof of mildew, lichen & algae, without damaging your roof.

The live organisms feed on the limestone with your shingles causing expensive damage and leaving behind the black streaks you see on your roof. If you see these stains your roof is under attack and the problem will only get worse.

For a proper roof wash, Pressure Washing Cypress techs use a soft wash process to kill the living organisms and remove the stains then simply let mother rinse away the dead matter!

Safe for all roofs including shingle, tile, metal and even slate

Mildew, lichen, algae & stains removed

Shingle manufacturers suggested methods

Same day results – no waiting months for a maybe clean roof


Our Cypress Soft Washing Benefits

A clean, well-maintained roof speaks volumes about your home.
Our pressure wash system helps clean and maintain your curb appeal.

Emergency Service

We provide emergency power washing services to homeowners throughout Cypress, Texas

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us, as are the great reviews we receive from our clients!

Instant Curb Appeal

Your home's value will may be increased when it presents itself to potential buyers. Ask your realtor!

17+ Years of Experience

Pressure Washing Cypress has experienced staff to power wash your driveway right the first time!

Revitalize your Property

10% off roof cleaning
with any whole house power washing

Yearly Soft Washing Services
In Cypress, TX

Pressure Washing Cypress  provides yearly service to help keep your roof clean and functioning as it should all year long. Once clean, we will return yearly to ensure the roof of your home is in good shape saving you thousands in roof replacement by adding years to the life of the roof.

Call or click to get a free quote today and discover our soft wash system and how we can bring back the curb appeal of your home while saving you money.

Mess-free, Hassle-free, and Damage-free

Complete removal of dirt, algae & lichen

Experienced, Licensed Professionals

Extend the Life of Your Roof!

Commercial Properties & Multi Unit Property Pressure Washing Services

Our company offers professional pressure washing services for commercial and multi-unit properties. Our experienced team uses high-quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional appearance for your business or property, and we provide exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

Our Work


F.A.Q about Roof Cleaning

The green and black growth on the roof of your house is algae, mold, and/or mildew. Our roof soft wash cleaning solution will effectively remove stains and make your whole house look fresh and clean.

This really depends on several factors including weather, shade and trees.  As a general rule of thumb however long it took for your roof in the first place is about how long you can expect it to sty clean after washing.

Assuming your shingles are in good shape and haven’t been damaged by hail or wind then cleaning a 10 year old roof will make it look like new again and help you get the full 20 – 30 years out of your shingles!

This is actually the ideal time to clean it if the roof needs cleaning!  Imagine every buyer looking at the house and automatically assuming the roof is new – that will give you a leg up on the competition and one less thing potential buyers will think about having to fix later.

We Focus On Getting
Things Clean

Our Cypress power washing methods and safe but effective
detergents to get any property clean and looking like new again!