There are many misconceptions when it comes to cleaning stucco homes in Cypress, TX. I think everyone knows that special care is needed but isn’t quite sure what that means. Is it possible to clean stucco without high pressure? Would a garden hose work? Should I scrub? What chemicals are safe and effective? How do I do it on a 2 story home?
Luckily we have cleaned hundreds of stucco homes over the years and never caused any damage. The secret is our equipment and our detergent. Our machines are built by experienced professionals in our field – us! We design them to be able to run at high or low pressure, and we are able to adjust that pressure within seconds to fit any situation. We can also reach 3rd and even 4th story areas safely from the ground! I cannot tell you enough how dangerous it is to attempt to pressure wash from a ladder – especially using high pressure!

Think about how pressure works. The water comes in and is pressurized by the pump being spun by the engine. Once no water is coming through the pump reaches a max psi and then the water recirculates through the pump to keep cool. As soon as you squeeze the trigger all that pressure comes blowing out of the nozzle and can easily knock you off of a ladder! It is also very difficult to pressure wash from a ladder because you are holding on to the ladder with one hand and attempting to use a potentially dangerous power tool with the other – what could go wrong …right?

This leads us to the use of chemicals to kill the mold and mildew. There are a lot of products that claim to be able to kill mold and mildew but do they really? How concentrated to they need to be? How quickly will they work? What are the side effects? How are they applied and rinsed? There is a lot to consider here isn’t there and you likely only get one chance to do it right!

Call us today and get your hassle-free quote before you hurt yourself or damage your property in an attempt to save a few bucks! If you think our prices are high you should see the hospital bill for a broken arm or the cost to repaint your house!