We have uploaded a few new videos on youtube! Here is a link to our latest video on wood staining in Cypress. It shows how the process works and how investing a not in your fence can not only help your fence look it’s best but keep it looking great for years to come! The first step is to power washing the fence which is quite a chore, especially if it is not something you have done before and/or if you have a pressure washing that puts out a low flow. With 4 gallons per minute or more it is a pretty straight forward and quick process.

Be sure not to use too much pressure and not to get too close to the fence otherwise you will end up denting into the fence and it will not look good when you are done. Once the wood I clean and dry it is time for the stain. This video was made in the Winter months and it is pretty windy and some areas of the fence are very close to the neighbor so we were extra safe to ensure we didn’t get any stain anywhere it was not supposed to be.

Make sure you back brush the stain in the direction of the grain (typically vertically) and always maintain a wet edge. The first coat will take longer and require more stain than the second coat but once complete the results are pretty amazing!