Roof Cleaning Service in Cypress, TX


As time continues onward, the harmful substances that accumulate on the siding and roof of your home transform the once pleasant color to unsightly brown and blacks.  The temperature and heat, along with occasional rain and humidity in the Cypress and Tomball areas cause this problem to spread. Generally, people overlook this problem, which results in expensive home management.  The pictures below demonstrate how a thorough cleaning can revitalize your home, restoring that appearance which initially drew you to it in the first place. 

As mold and mildew germinate on your roof, they are literally stealing the life of your shingles.  Since these substances are living organisms, they need the basic necessities to survive. They quite literally live off what your home provides to it. Thus, the integrity of your roof and home become compromised for the sake of the mold and mildew’s survival.   Eventually, this can cause leaks and even damage the wooden structure of your house.  This can also decrease energy efficiency and increase your heating and cooling bills. Neglecting this problem can result in extreme management, which can be very costly. In order to avoid this, consider our pressure washing services, which can eliminate these organisms and any potential problems they can cause to your home…and wallet.

Roof Before Soft Washing Roof After Soft Washing

Whatever you do, please do not attempt to climb and clean the rood yourself! The mold and mildew create a slick film and make it very difficult to navigate.   The staff at Pressure Washing Cypress are trained to safely clean and refurbish your roof and make it look like new again.  For less than 10% of what it would cost to replace the entire roof, we can use our special method to clean roof tiles or shingles.  You should not risk your life to eliminate this sort of problem when there are trained professionals ready and willing to help you.

The experts at Pressure Washing Cypress is trained to mix an accurate and balanced chemical solution to satisfy our clients wants and needs. Since high pressurized water can actually cause damage to shingles, we utilize other methods that are much more effective at removing the mold and mildew stains and prolonging the lifetime of your roof.  Who would want a roof that looks clean but had been compromised by the use of high pressure?

Give us a ring or fill out our contact form to inquire about our methods and services. We’re happy to inform all our customers so that they can make an informed decision when having their roof, windows, patio or any other addition of their home cleaned.