Fence and Deck Cleaning and Staining in Cypress, TX


As the years pass, all wooden fences and wooden decks lose their color and become a weathered, worn and gray.  This occurs  mostly because of the power of the sunlight and the accumulation of mildew and mold from rain and moisture in the air that is typical in Cypress and Tomball.  Even if you originally stained or sealed the wooden boards of your deck, time and weather can make it wear down the coating and make it appear that you never stained it and the protection may be gone.

Taking care of your wooden decks and fences is an important part of upkeep on your property.  If you want to get your house washed – don’t you also want your fence to look great too?  When we power wash any wooden structures, we use detergents specifically designed to restore wood and only a moderate pressure to remove the algae and mold and the very thin top layer of bad wood fibers.  This improves the aesthetic quality of the structure and prolongs its life – saving you money.  We generally recommend staining fences after they are cleaned so the results last longer and the wood is protected from premature rot.

The well maintained deck can be the cornerstone of pleasant family evenings and entertaining guests.  It is important to keep it in the tiptop shape and make sure it looks good all the time.  The experts at Pressure Washing Cypress can not only restore your deck but can perform scheduled maintenance to protect your investment and help keep your deck  or fence looking great for years to come.  Just imagine how good your deck will look if you have it professionally cleaned and restored every spring so that mildew, moss and debris don’t accumulate and eat away at the surface.

Our professional pressure washers use three steps to both safely clean and restore your wooden structures:

1. Preparation of the wood before pressure washing begins.  The best results are obtained when the fence or deck is prepared for the process first with a mild chemical.

2. Power washing of the deck or fence is next.  We use a lower pressure, around 1000 PSI, in order to safely clean the wood without any chance of damaging it.

3. Finally, an second mild chemical to neutralize and brighten the wood.  Now the wood is restored can be left with the natural look or be stained/treated.

This entire process can be completed quickly and safely with professionals who have the right experience to get the job done.  Landscapers and contractors who do other maintenance tasks may not have as much pressure washing experience and will likely cause permanent damage to your wood.  For example, using the wrong amount of pressure may create a clean surface but can also cause denting, warping and splintering of boards.

You invested a lot of money and time in the fence or wooden deck for your home.  The professionals at Pressure Washing Cypress are prepared to help you maintain its value and beauty – now and in the future.