Concrete Power Washing in Cypress, TX


If you live in Cypress or Tomball, then you have probably seen driveways like those displayed in the pictures below. This is precisely what happens when driveways are left to the care of inexperienced professionals. While the methods for cleaning concrete with pressure washers tend to vary, but there is generally only one right way to get the job done. The tool for such a job is known as a “surface cleaner”, and when used by qualified and experienced professionals, you can have a nicely restored driveway.

Before Concrete Cleaning in Cypress, TXBefore Concrete Cleaning Tomball, TX

Pressure Washing Cypress understands how to use the most effective techniques and the appropriate mix of detergents to properly clean so that mold and mildew are destroyed without damaging your concrete.  We know how to handle the powerful equipment to get the best results efficiently and safely.

Ideally, you want your driveway to look like what is displayed in the video; however, as time ebbs onward it will inevitably collect debris, mildew and mold will form, and tire marks may come to give a more weathered appearance.  There is no absolutely efficient way to prevent this from happening. So, when you see it beggining to discolor, or when you notice that it’s collecting all sorts of debris, it may be time to contact us.   We can remove these problems and restore the appearance of your sidewalks, walkways, pool deck, patios and driveway.

A pristine driveway has many practical benefits. You’re clean driveway will obviously be a nice addition to your property, but the clean cement will improve safety and decrease dirt from being tracked into your home.  Just think of all the dirt, mold and allergens that get tracked inside on the soles of  shoes!  This can be especially important for commercial applications or walkways outside of shops where many people will walk daily.  When it rains, mold and mildew create a slick film on the surface of your driveway, which in turn creates a serious hazard for those that walk on them daily.  Our professional cleaning crew can remove these hazards and keep the floors inside cleaner as well.

Since concrete is a porous substance, it can allow some stains to sink in. Liquid such as oil, transmission fluid, cooking fats and other stains will soak into the concrete quickly and will never be able to be removed with pressure washing or other methods.  If you experience any of these issues – it is best to contact us as soon as you can so we can remove as much of the stain as possible.

We take great pride in the ability to show our skill in removing the toughest of surface stains, and we can generally remove rust, gum, and paint if needed. Please let us know ahead of time so we can be prepared to do the best job for you! Contact us now for a  no pressure quote or just for more information about what we can do for you and your home or business.