Cooling Tower Cleaning

cypress tomball water chillerPressure Washing Cypress is proud to offer professional cooling tower cleaning in Cypress and Tomball. This is a job that requires the right skills, equipment, and an acute attention to safety and details. Since it involves getting into cramped, small spaces, the potential use of strong chemicals – I’m guessing it is not high on your list of things you want to do!

We know the right amount of pressure to use, the best amount of flow, the proper chemicals when needed and the best methods to clean the screens and basin of modern water cooling towers. You have enough to do right – this is a job best left to the pros.

Keeping a cooling tower operating efficiently requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Repairing or replacing these systems is incredibly expensive, so it is best to take the time to ensure that they are efficient and functional. Our cleaning services will do just that, getting into those tight spots and removing the buildup that is slowing down the system, leading to poor efficiency and the increased likelihood of expensive repairs or premature failure.

One of the main issues with todays water towers is that the contaminants in the water settling in the bottom basin and getting stuck in the screens, clogging the system and preventing maximum efficiency. Using chemicals to clean and soften the water will help to scale back the buildup levels, but it isn’t a replacement for regular cleanings. It is advisable to have the system cleaned properly at least twice each year to avoid big problems down the road.

With our equipment, skills, and experience, Pressure Washing Cypress can assure that your system is cleaned properly and effectively.  This is not a task a maintenance man will want to take on alone and you do not want to hire a contractor that does not have any experience cleaning cooling towers – hire the best!  Contact us today for a free price quote and to go over the details of your project.