Learn More About The Roof Cleaning Methods Available


Organisms like lichens, moss and algae feed on the organic material in shingles, causing roofs to get stained or extensively damaged. The most convenient way to get rid of these organisms, debris and dirt on your rooftop is to use professional roof cleaning services. The professionals who clean roofs use several effective methods to accomplish the work.

One of the methods they use is the low pressure, non bleach method. This washing method is environmentally friendly. The products used do not contain toxic chemicals like phosphates, chlorine bleach and other chemicals, which can pollute groundwater and kill vegetation. This method utilizes a low pressure rising system and avoids the use of high pressure brushing or scrubbing that can damage roofs.

The low pressure washing method offers instant and complete results. It eliminates moss, lichens and algae fast. It preserves the integrity of the roofing and does not damage the landscaping. The downside of the low pressure, non bleach method is that it is relatively costly because it involves the use of high quality, environmentally friendly products.

The other method that roof cleaners use is the chlorine bleach cleaning method. They mix sodium hypochlorite in high concentrations with other chemicals like trisodium phosphate. They spray the mixture on the rooftop and then wait for it to dry. These professionals then reapply the mixture several times as needed. The bleach method is relatively less costly because the chemicals used are affordable and the cleaners generally do not get on the rooftop or inspect it after application. However, the results of this method may not be instant. A chemical odor also remains and the effects of bleach can damage shrubs, trees and grass.

Some professionals utilize the high pressure washing technique to eradicate stains. This method can damage the shingles and it is also not an effective way to get rid of organisms that cause stains on roofs. It leaves root systems behind and for this reason, the algae can return quickly. It is important to hire roofing cleaning professionals who use safe and effective roof washing methods.

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