Taking A Look At Pressure Washing


Many folks are interested in removing dirt, dust, and grime from a building, concrete, or a vehicle at some point. It is not an easy task to wash the outside of your home or garage floor. Cleaning a drive or patio can also be a lot of work. Pressure washing makes these jobs easier to complete. You will want to have a washer that the force can be adjusted to the type of surface you are cleaning.

A basic washer has a motor that drives a high pressure water pump, hose, and trigger gun. The machine increases the force and velocity of the water. There are various nozzles that are available for different uses. Some create a jet of water that is in a fan pattern. Other nozzles release a thin stream of water that rapidly spirals. These nozzles will attach to the gun.

There are some machines that have the appropriate nozzles for use with detergents. Detergents mix with the stream of water and help with the cleaning. There are two different injectors used. One, the high pressure injector, introduces the detergent after water leaves the pump. The second is a low pressure injector that introduces detergent before the water enters the pump. The type you will use depends on the detergent that is used.

It is important that folks pay close attention to the safety instructions since these tools can be quit dangerous if not used properly. The force of the water by the nozzle is so powerful it can strip the flesh off your bones. Particles dislodged from the cleaning surface can be propelled with great speed. If you are hit by an object sent flying by this force you can sustain terrible injury.

Washers available to consumers are either electric or gas powered. The electric machines use tap water and plug into your electrical outlet. The gas washer delivers twice the amount of pressure of the electric machines. Because of the exhaust they are not suitable for indoor or enclosed areas. There are some models that can create hot water making them ideal for oil and grease removal.

These machines can be rented or purchased. If you plan to use it often, you may consider buying one. For those who will only use it occasionally, contact your local hardware store to see if they have any for rent. There are also services that will be happy to charge a fee to get the job done if you are not inclined to do it yourself.

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