Tips On Power Washing A Deck


Decks usually become dull and off gray over time. Both the cold winters and hot summers can ruin the surface of wood decks. In order to keep your deck looking attractive, you can pressure wash it. Power washing a deck is efficient and more manageable than scrubbing it by hand.

A power washer is a valuable tool that will enable you to complete a wide range of activities in a short time. However, if you mishandle this machine, it can damage your wooden deck. The pressure of the water could be thirty to eighty times more than that of a garden hose. This pressure can easily cause bodily harm.

You should prioritize on safety when utilizing a power washer. Pressure washers can cause lacerations that can lead to serious infections if the spray penetrates deep into muscle tissue. You should wear sturdy footwear, long pants and goggles when using this machine. It is also important to avoid wearing jewelry and loose clothing.

Preparing the site you are cleaning is also essential. Make sure that you remove all items from the deck, particularly the fragile ones. You should then sweep away the loose debris and leaves. This will ensure that tough stains left by tree sap and mildew are visible.

You should then apply a deck cleanser that will loosen the embedded dirt. Fill the soap dispenser of the pressure washer with the cleanser while following the instructions of the manufacturer. The pressure washer will combine the water and the cleaner. After this, place the correct soap dispensing nozzle onto the top of the power washer and power up the machine. You should use long, overlapping strokes to distribute the cleanser all over the deck.

It is also important to work the cleanser between railings and into tight corners. You can do this by using a stiff scrub brush. Once the cleaner is well distributed on the deck, you can switch to a wide spray nozzle and start pressure cleaning your deck. You should move in wide sweeping motions with the grain of the wood. Ideally, the nozzle should remain about 2 feet away from the surface of the deck. When you complete the task, you can turn off the machine and pull the trigger in order to drain the water line and release the pressure, which may be left over. You may then reapply a protective wood stain on the deck.

Decks require careful attention when they are being pressure washed to prevent damage to the windows and other features of your house. Therefore, it is wise to hire an experienced professional to pressure wash this structure. The professional should also have a license.

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